Grumpy Grandpa's Adventures. (illustrated with Gif figures)



Grumpy Grandpa's




illustrated with Gif figures
complements A Plus
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copyright © 1998 by Brian M. Brown

In this story, you get to
live a life; and in this life
you have a grandpa.

Unfortunately, your
grandpa happens to be
very grumpy.


Luckily, when
you start this story
and begin living your life,
it is time for you
to leave home.

So, you get to leave your grumpy grandpa behind.


Here, in your life, you will
soon be able to choose to do
a number of things.
Those things include
going on adventures.





Now, your grandpa has lived

a long time,

and he has experienced

a lot of things.

He knows a lot
about life and
how best to live it.

He also happens
to be your grandpa.

So it is important
to listen to
his advice
as best you can.

















Grandpa on rocker (6797 bytes)

This is Grandpa.



Listen to what Grandpa
has to say!

"Don't spend money foolishly."

"Don't do things unless
you can pay for them"

"It is okay to relax,
but don't spend your life loafing."




In this story, at this time
you have finished school,
so you can leave home.

Now that you
have listened to
your grumpy grandpa,
it is time to choose
what you want to do in your life.



Here are the doors to life:

Door 1

Journey deep
into a mountain.



Door 4

Do lots of work.



Door 5

Just take it easy.


Door 2

Travel through a jungle.






Door 6

Travel deep down
into the ground.





Door 3

Travel into space.
(Sorry, this door
doesn't work because
the space ship has
not yet been built.)







Good luck!




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