Time For Work



You have finished school.

So, you are now ready to start a job.



Welcome to your first day at work.


In most kinds of work, you begin by working.


But, on this job, we like to start you out
by telling you about work, and letting you know
what we want you to do.



You are very lucky,
because we will pay you
right from the start.


I heard that some of you want to go on adventures.

Now you're going to have the money you need to pay for your adventures.



But first, you need to go through this training.



Be cooperative while you work with us.

You don't have to agree all the time,

It is okay to say yes

and no.

But try to be agreeable.

Avoid being too negative.

Become part of our team.



Did somebody ask why?




How would you like to manage this team?

Now you know why it is important to fit in.





Now we will explain a little more about work.


We need to work hard,

and we need to work smart.



Learn to think
while you work!


This guy isn't getting anything done.


He needs to find out
what he is doing wrong.

Then he needs to change.


It is not up to his boss to do this.

It is up to him.














Learn to enjoy your work.


Some jobs can upset you, so you can feel like climbing the walls.

If you find that your job makes you feel like climbing the walls, then talk to your boss.


It is important to get your job done,


but it is also important to avoid climbing the walls.










Now, you have completed your training,

so we will pay you some money.


You will have the weekend off,
and you will have the money you need

to pay for whatever you want to do.



We are giving you some papers to read.

Please do some reading so you will know something about your job when you come back to work on Monday.



We'll see you on Monday.























There are two ways of handling life.


You can be fearful, and hide in your house.


Or you can walk with confidence.


As you have more good experiences in life and at work, you will gain more confidence.














For some people, everything they touch falls apart.

If you're one of these people, then don't touch anything!

This will make your boss
happy, happy, happy.















I want a jungle adventure.

I want to go underground.

I want to go inside a mountain.

I want to blast off into space.
(Sorry, but the space ship
              has not yet been built.)

I'm done.  All I wanted to do was work.


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