Journey Inside A Mountain





This is a journey deep inside

a mountain.





Who knows what

we'll find in








I guess that cat likes this cool cave.

I think it's trying to hybernate.








We keep heading down.








And down.




















What was that?



Somebody lost their ball.

Or their head?


















What strange monsters!

I think they're trying to scare us.

They're trying to make us go away.


Let's keep going.
















There's another strange monster.

I can't see him.

He's there. Just keep watching.

Let's go.









There's a juggler.


What's he doing down here?

What's he doing down here?

Yah. That's a good question.
What's he doing down here?


















Stand back!

What a fight!

Why are they fighting

away down here in a cave?


They must be upset.

That wolf doesn't want to stick around.

















I wonder if that cat and mouse are still fighting?

Let's go back and check.






I don't think they will ever stop fighting.


What will they do when they have to go to the bathroom?

Let's not stick around to find out.







I think I've had enough of this cave.

Let's get out of here.














I want to go into the jungle.

I want to go underground.

I want to blast off into space. (Sorry,
but the rocket still has not been built.)

I've had enough adventure for now.  Let me out of here.


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