There's something new.


Now, that is interesting.

















Sometimes you will see something entertaining.



Look, over there, there's a teddy bear.

Watch carefully and you will see him wave at you.


Isn't that exciting?
























































I want to go back to Grandpa
so I can try
something else.






So you want to take it easy.






In the game of life,

this is a nice and easy

way to live.






This way you don't get into any trouble. 


Better yet, you don't have to do much.












But, then again, you can't afford to do much.


You can't afford to do the things you like to do,


and you can't afford to see the things you like to see.








In fact, you are lucky if you can afford to buy junk food.

























Aren't you glad you came this way?






















You like to take it easy. 

Well, just sit there and enjoy this page.













If you get bored, then just read all of this again.




















When you get tired of it all, you can go back to Grandpa and try something else.