Metis Tourist Attractions

thumbnail photos and notes


Batoche tourist site:
[about a 1 hour drive North-East of Saskatoon]

Church at Batoche -  24 kb

church at Batoche (24 kb)

information centre at Batoche -  18 
kb reception desk inside Batoche visitors centre  -  16 kb kitchen in rectory -  15 kb

outside and inside visitor center - kitchen in rectory
(total: 49 kb)

rifle pit over looking river  -  28 kb

rifle pit (28 kb)

battle field with remains of Batoche in distance -  19 kb info shelter at village site  -  12 kb

battlefield near village     -     village info (total: 31 kb)

grave yard near church and rectory  -  23  kb monument in grave yard - 18 kb

grave yard - Dumont's monument (total: 41 kb)


Duck Lake battle area photos and notes:

Duck Lake town museum  13 kb view from top of Duck Lake museum  -  15 kbview 2 from top of Duck Lake museum  -  13 kbview from top of Duck Lake museum  -  10 kb

Duck Lake museum - panoramic top view (total: 51 kb)

museum from stairs above  22 kb museum from stairs above  25 kb

museum displays from above (total: 47 kb)

museum displays 25 kb   Duck Lake battle field site  - 10 kb

museum display - cairn at Duck Lake battle site (total: 35 kb)


Fish Creek battle site photos and notes:

cairn at Fish Creek  -  7 kb   Fish Creek battle field -  29 kb

cairns beside road - battle field (total: 36 kb)

Riel and Dumont statues with a few notes:

Riel statue at Winnipeg  -  19 kb     front of Riel 
statue - 22 kb

Riel statue
[located in Winnipeg]
(total: 57 kb)

statue of Dumont
in Saskatoon - 25 kb

Statue of Dumont
[located in Saskatoon]
(total: 25 kb)

Queen Victoria in front of Parliament Buildings -  16 kb   impressionist statue of Riel -  22 kb   impression of Riel from back  - 13 kb

Queen Victoria   -   impressionist Riel   -   back view
[located in Winnipeg] (total: 51 kb)


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