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The Kneehills Creek valley:

Below is a photo which shows how the Kneehills Creek Valley connects the two legs of Horseshoe Canyon.   This link will give you an impressive large version of this 180 degree panoramic photo (210 kb).

H-vw1pns.jpg-  33 kbH-vw2pns.jpg -  37 kbH-vw3pns.jpg -  47 kbH-vw4pns.jpg -  57 kb



The badlands at Horseshoe Canyon:

To a 370 degree panoramic view of the badland basin at Horseshoe Canyon (medium size: 196 kb).
The view is overwhelming!
This photograph will help you comprehend it.

this links to a larger map,
 a description, and links for photos
 of Horseshoe Canyon

To larger map (and photos) of Horseshoe Canyon, a canyon shaped like a giant worn out donut.
(The Kneehills Creek valley is at the top and the badland basin is at the bottom.)

This small
110 degree
photo looks
west and

visitors center  4 kb 4 kblooking west  3 kbthis is just one part of the
 badlands, click here and you will 
get the full 370 degree panorama photo (196 kb).the west leg of horseshoe
 canyon 4 kb

This is 1/3 of the 370 degree photograph which views the Horseshoe Canyon basin from the center.
(1) the visitors center (2) the entrance to the West leg of canyon.




View of Drumheller from the top of the north-east hill:

view towards Rosedale and hoodoos 19 kbhighway south
 to Calgary -  21 kbelevator and Drumheller
 Inn -  21 kbballpark, T-REX, 
and fountain - 24 kbview looking up valley
 towards Tyrell museum  -  20 kb

Panoramic 180 degree view from the north hill
(5 photos in a row for 105 kb).



Some cooler photographs
included here because I have nowhere else to put them:


A skating rink at Marborough Park in Calgary, Alberta:

large skating
 area (53 kb
A 140 degree photograph of a large skating area and hill . (53 kb)



View of the starting area for the Edmonton raft race:

view of the raft race start  50 kbview of the raft race start  -  56 kbview of the raft race start -  58 kb

Panoramic 160 degree view of the Edmonton raft race just before it started.
Note how the crowd stays back and watches at a safe distance.
(3 large photos in a row for 168 kb).


click on this map
 to return to westerntour - 18 kb

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