370 Degree Panoramic View of Horseshoe Canyon


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was location of
 a visitors centerlooking westlooking westmore badlands in the westthe west leg of horseshoe canyon is under (2)more badlands: looking northlooking north-eastlooking eastthe shadow of the formation I am standing on; my shadow is to the right of the peak(4) is where you climb over a ridge and into the entrance to the east leg of canyonlooking south-eastthe south lookout, next to #9 highwaylooking south westvistors center again: total 193 kb


  (1) a visitor centre used to be here, not far from the south viewpoint and highway #9.   (2) the entrance to the west leg of Horseshoe canyon.   (3) at the bottom is the shadow of the cone shaped formation I am standing on (to the right of the peak is my shadow).   (4) entrance to the east leg of horseshoe canyon.   (5) south viewpoint, next to highway #9.   (6) back to where the visitor centre was.



The photo was taken from the top of a cone shaped badland formation.
Use this link to see that viewpoint and the environmental damage (80 kb) that
has been done by people climbing it. Obviously, I wasn't the first person
who realized that it is in a key location with a breathtaking view.



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Originally posted September 14, 2001.