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Provincial Parks in South-East Alberta:

the sweetgrass hills are in the background - 35 kb

Writing on Stone Provincial Park
The natives often camped in this valley of the Milk River. The Sweetgrass Hills, which are located in the United States, are in the background. (35 kb)

the hoodoos at Writing on Stone Park -  44 kb

The hoodoos at Writing on Stone Park which is about a 2 hour drive south-east of Lethbridge. (44 kb)

view from Cypress Hills -  62 kb

A view of the prairie below from on top of the Cypress Hills, located in the far south-east corner of Alberta. (62 kb)

Scenes from Eastern Alberta:

photo taken near Drumheller's hoodoos -  45 kb

Badland formations like these can be found in the Drumheller valley or at Dinosaur Provincial Park, near Brooks. (45 kb)

View this video at youtube.
Video shows Horseshoe Canyon from the south viewpoint (viewed at youtube)
View this video at youtube.

Video taken from the south viewpoint, above the Horseshoe Canyon basin, 15 Km west of Drumheller. See the entire viewpoint in a slightly blury video at youtube.

Dunfy in the Kneehills Creek valley -  50 kb

A view of Dunfy in an early morning haze. This is about 10 km west of Drumheller in the Kneehills Creek Valley. (50 kb)

the prairie  - 47 kb

The prairie, just off the #9 highway in east Alberta. (47 kb)


Rosebud, home of the Rosebud Theatre:

Dunf in the -  74 kb

This is the village of Rosebud, about a one hour drive east of Calgary. (74 kb)

the Rosebud theatre - 70 kb

The Rosebud theatre draws people from Calgary so it can operate all year long. The sign on the left advertises the latest 2001 production, "Chickens." (70 kb)

photo hoodoos -  51 kb

Just south of Rosebud, the highway comes over a hill, and you have this view. (51 kb)


Scenes from Central Alberta:

Aspen Beach at Gull Lake  - 47 kb

This is Aspen Beach at Gull Lake, about a 20 minute drive north-east of Sylvan Lake. This photograph was taken at about 5 o'clock, on the same afternoon that I took the Sylvan Lake photographs which are below. (47 kb)

Scenic Acres campground  -  44 kb

Two years ago, in 2000, a tornado tore through this campground at Pine Lake, just south-east of Red Deer. Although it affected hundreds, and 12 people died, the place is once again busy. This photograph only shows half of the almost full campground. (44 kb)

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The upper part of
Big Hill Springs located
north-west of Calgary 
(click to view at youtube)
The small falls at
   Big Hill Springs
 (click to view at youtube)
Click here to view at youtube.

Follow the stream down the hill in this video of Big Hill Springs. Viewed at youtube.

west view of Sylvan lake beach -  48 kb

Just west of Red Deer, we find the beach at Sylvan Lake. This photo looks west. Most people are in the cool water, so you see more towels than people on the beach. (48 kb)

the street at Sylvan Lake  - 41 kb

The street at Sylvan Lake is a busy and colorful place. Note the diners on the roof of the white building, on the right side. (41 kb)

east side of Sylvan lake beach -  66 kb

Looking east on the grass at the crowded Sylvan Lake beach. It is a hot July day, about 33 degrees C. The lady in the foreground is on her cel phone. (66 kb)

Structures of interest:

Dunfy in the Kneehills Creek valley -  49 kb

An old house west of Calgary. The photo was taken about 1974, so it has probably since disappeared. No doubt, many stories could be told about what went on inside during the years when it was in use. (49 kb)

this what is left of Bow City - 40 kb

This is what is left of a place called Bow City (photo taken about 1998). When it was first named they had great expectations, but it never did become a town never mind a city. (40 kb)

landing pad for a flying saucer -  45 kb

This is a landing pad for a flying saucer. It was built in Saint Paul as a centennial project. (45 kb)


giant Easter egg -  48 kb

The giant Easter egg at Vegreville, a one hour drive east of Edmonton. (photo taken about 1980; 48 kb)

Fort Macleod -  45 kb

Fort Macleod is one of many rebuilt forts in the province. A small version of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's musical ride is performed at this fort. (58 kb)


landing pad for a flying saucer -  45 kb

This photo is one from the winter photograph file.

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