winter photos: badlands and ski hill

Winter Photographs

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Winter scenes:

a walking bridge crossing a creek - 39 kb
A walking bridge crossing Fish Creek in Calgary. (39 kb)
a deer in Fish Creek park - 37 kb
A deer in Fish Creek Provincial park in Calgary. (37 kb)

walking in winter  - 34 Kb
Man walking at sunset
in South Glenmore Park, Calgary. (34 kb)

Horseshoe canyon badlands in winter  48 kb
The badlands of Horseshoe canyon late in a dull winter day. (48 kb)

this photo enlarged - 39 kb
The branches in these trees were covered with frost on this dull winter day. (39 kb)

part of  -  72 kb
This is a walking bridge in south-west Edmonton, in Whitemud Ravine. (72 kb)


a winter path in Edmonton 86 kb
A winter path late in the day. This 2002 photo was taken in a river side park in Edmonton. (86 kb)

this photo enlarged - 78 kb
Christmas lights light up the cold park late in the day. This 2002 photo was taken in William Hawrelak Park in Edmonton. (78 kb)


Winter recreation photos:

2 photos of Bowness park skating area - 27 kb
Skaters at Bowness park. (27 kb)
2 photos of evening skate - 26 kb
Evening skate at Bowness park. (26 kb)
this photo enlarged - 26 kb
Skiing at Canada Olympic Park
in Calgary. (26 kb)

sledding  - 14 Kb
Preparing to head downhill.
Taken at Prairie Winds park, NE Calgary. (38 kb)

saucer headed downhill - 37 kb
Saucer headed downhill. (37 kb)
resting at the top - 37 kb
Resting and watching the skaters from the top. Taken at Marlborough Park in East Calgary. (37 kb)

to winter tubeing photos - 14 Kb
Tubeing at Eworthy park
in 1975. (14 kb)

toboggan photo - 13 kb
Tobogganing at Calgary's Edworthy park in 1975. (13 kb).

Morning on a farm photos:

barn on farm - also house, sheep, outhouse - 144 Kb
To five thumbnail farm photos.
All were taken on this farm, on the same
cold Christmas morning.


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First posted here July 4, 2002
[Originally posted at Geocities Nov. 16, 1998.]
2002 Brian M. Brown All rights reserved.
All photographs are marked with almost invisible identifiers.