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Prairie Sky Scrapers:

the Tuxford grain elevator -  46 kb

The old Tuxford grain elevator in south Saskatchewan. The elevator is quickly disappearing on the prairies. (46 kb)


a grain terminal  -  64 kb

A new giant grain terminal.
(64 kb)


The prairie in the southern half of Saskatchewan:

the highway west of Kindersley (39 kb)

The highway west of Kindersley. It is only on the prairie where you can really appreciate the vastness and beauty of the sky. (39 kb)

Rosetown sunrise (44 kb)

This is Rosetown in a morning haze at sunrise. You can see the lights and buildings in the distance, by the highway. (44 kb)

the highway near Lumsden (46 kb)

The highway between Saskatoon and Regina, as it goes by Lumsden. (46 kb)

Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park in S.W. Saskatchewan:

Fort Walsh statues (36 kb)

Outside the Fort Walsh Interpretive center are these statues, a reminder of life in early Western Canada. (36 kb)

Fort Walsh (68 kb)

Fort Walsh, as seen from the Interpretive Center. A bus will take you down the hill to see the fort, and also over the hill to see the trading post on the right. (68 kb)

Farwell's trading post (53 kb)

Farwell's trading post. The 1873 Cypress Hills Massacre happened here, when a group of Wolfers shot 22 Assiniboine.
More details on this can be found at (53 kb)

A taste of small town Saskatchewan:

farm machinery -  64 kb

Old farm machinery at a small museum in Battleford. North Battleford is in the background. (64 kb)

a post office -  55 kb

The Battleford post office, a good place to meet people. (55 kb)

the west (67 kb)

This building at Zealandia has 4 rooms and a bar. I was told they are planning on fixing it up and renaming it the BIG Z. The building slopes to the left, except for the left side where it
slopes to the right (?). (67 kb)

the movie theatre in Kerrobert.  (63 kb)

This is the movie theatre in Kerrobert which is also located in west-central Saskatchewan. (63 kb)

Contrasting Saskatchewan landscapes:


an abandoned house in a field of canola -  49 kb

An abandoned house in
a field of canola found by the road in central Saskatchewan. (49 kb)

stairs to river  -  67 kb

Saskatchewan is not all prairie. This is the landscape next to the South Saskatchewan River. The stairs are located at the Batoche Historical Site, located about a one hour drive north-east of Saskatoon. (67 kb)

stairs to river  -  56 kb

The South Saskatchewan River, just north of Saskatoon on a rainy day. (56 kb)

For more photos of this type of countryside, which is also beautiful, go to the file on the 1885 Rebellion historical sites.

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