Moose Jaw Photographs

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Moose Jaw, a thriving tourist centre:

main street
downtown Moose Jaw (51 kb)

This is Moose Jaw's main street. Moose Jaw is a booming town with close to 40,000 residents. (51 kb)

a view of an impressive 
park in downtown Moose Jaw (50 kb)

A view of the impressive Crescent Park, next to downtown Moose Jaw. Note how the swans positioned themselves to make themselves look good in my photograph. (50 kb)

a side street in Moose Jaw (48 kb)

A Moose Jaw side street, where the cool ice cream is. (48 kb)

a building with a secret tunnel (40 kb)

In this building, two popular tours are offered. In one tour, you can learn about Al Capone and his secret world in the tunnels of Moose Jaw. (40 kb)

a street in Moose Jaw (49 kb)

A Moose Jaw street, looking like a tendy city street. (49 kb)

a train and bridge (68 kb)

A strange tourist attraction? When I stopped to take a photograph of the bridge, this train came along. Actually it was a truck pulling a train through town to the industrial area. (68 kb)

a building (16 kb)

As mentioned directly above, Moose Jaw has tunnels. This is the tunnel entrance, located in the basement. (16 kb photo (which is also fuzzy))

city hall (54 kb)

The city hall, one of many distinctive old buildings. (54 kb)

a new hotel and tour trolley (34 kb)

Many of the rooms in this new hotel/spa have a view of Crescent park. The vehicle on the left is run by the Moose Jaw Trolley Company. Tourists are shown local architecture, historical sites, 33 giant murals, and a one act play. (34 kb)

a fountain in the park (44 kb)

A fountain and flowers in Crescent Park. (44 kb)

the old sandstone church (36 kb)

An old sandstone church. The town is full of interesting old buildings. (36 kb)

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First posted July 20, 2002.   Visitors since September 20, 2003 .
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