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The Prairie and the Woodland (1999):

tree on the road  (46 kb)

This is a memorable tree standing by itself west of Winnipeg, next to the Trans Canada Highway. (46 kb)

two boats on the Red River  (40 kb)

On the Red River near Lower Fort Garry, there are two boats. They didn't move much while I was watching, so they were probably fishing. (40 kb)

Photos of Lower Fort Garry:

view of fort and river (49 kb)

View of the Red River and a corner of the fort, as seen through a window of the attic of a Lower Fort Garry building. (49 kb)

furs in the attic  (34 kb)

Furs in the attic of one of the buildings at Lower Fort Garry. (34 kb)

the dining room (55 kb)

The dining room. (55 kb)


More of Manitoba:

an old boat and house (49 kb)

An old boat and house located beside Lower Fort Garry. (49 kb)

one of the beaches at Lake Winnipeg  (50 kb)

Victoria beach on Lake Winnipeg, about a 40 minute drive from Winnipeg. (50 kb)

swimming in Lake Winnipeg  (40 kb)

Swimming at Victoria beach, in Lake Winnipeg. (40 kb)

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