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Fort Steele, located near Cranbrook (1999):

entrance to Fort Steele -  47 kb

This is the entrance building for Fort Steele, which is about a 15 minute drive north-east of Cranbrook. The building has the year 1898 on it. (47 kb)

the sidewalks and
 a worker -  47 kb

Board sidewalks and a well dressed worker makes the place come alive. (47 kb)

behind Fort Steele -  47 kb

The fence and Kootenay River behind Fort Steele. [The larger photos is not available until I get permission to use it.] (47 kb)

The Balfour ferry (1999):

the lake and the Balfour ferry -  47 kb

While crossing Kootenay Lake, the Balfour ferry is seen approaching us. (47 kb)

passing the 
Balfour ferry -  47 kb

The Balfour ferry passes at a safe distance. (47 kb)

looking at the back of the ferry -  47 kb

Looking at the rear of our ferry. (47 kb)

North-east of Nelson (1999):

camping above the lake -  47 kb

Our campsite with an excellent view of the lake. (47 kb)

our view of the lake -  44 kb

Our view of the lake. (44 kb)
Photo taken later in the day.

a convenience store in Kaslo -  41 kb

North-east of Nelson is the neat little town of Kaslo. This is called the Mystic Convenience store. (41 kb)

Nelson (1999):

a tent with folk
music and food -  48 kb

In a Nelson park we found this tent which offered the tourist folk music and food. (48 kb)

a small park full 
of people -  42 kb

Behind the tent we found a small park full of a new version of the 1969 hippy. (42 kb)

an environmentally friendly
 house  -  47 kb

Nearby was this garden and an environmentally friendly house made of bales of straw. (47 kb)

BC Highways (2009 photographs):

view of the old highways winding
 through the hills -  356 kb

View of the old highways which wind through the hills next to the lake. (356 kb)

the new Vernon to Kelowna highway - 
near and across the bay -  367 kb

The new and old highways, between Vernon and Kelowna both nearby and as it winds its way along the other side of the bay. (367 kb)

 the Coquihalla highway -  360 kb

This is the Coquihalla highway. It was built using the shortest route across the mountains, often going straight over them. So the time to get to Vancouver from Kamloops was cut in half. (360 kb)

The Okanogan(except for the first two photographs, 2009):

1975 view of Osoyous -  47 kb

View of Osoyoos from the south-east.
A 1975 photograph. (47 kb)

a Penticton water park -  48 kb

A water park in Penticton.
[taken in 1999]. (48 kb)

view looking east from
Vernon area -  245 kb

This is a new 2009 photograph of
the view looking east from
a viewpoint located south
of Vernon, just off the
new highway. (245 kb)

houses along the lake -  406 kb

These are houses built along the lake. This is a 2009 morning photograph. (406 kb)

a Kelowna sculpture -  354 kb

This is the sculpture near the Kelowna shore. While I was taken this photograph in the early morning, these people came by. I never knew you could play a guitar and run a skateboard at the same time. (354 kb)

view of a lake in
the evening -  356 kb

View of the lake in the evening. (356 kb)

a farm north of 
Vernon-  255 kb

This is a farm in a more fertile area of the Okanogan, north of Vernon. (255 kb)

Kelowna boat dock -  342 kb

The Kelowna boat dock. You need to remember your boat's address if you expect to find it here. (342 kb)

This is Mount Robson - well
north of the Okanogan
closer to Jasper Alberta   358 kb

This is Mount Robson, located north of the Okanogan on the Yellowhead route, closer to Jasper Alberta.
As you approach the mountain from the south, this is what it looks like. See Mountain Park photographs for a huge enlarged photograph of this mountain and more information on it. (358 kb)

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