Photographs from Winnipeg:

thumbnail photos and notes

Photos from the Exchange District:

filming of an Exchange District promotion (48 kb)

The camera crew moves in for an action shot of some dancers. They were creating an ad designed to increase the popularity of the Exchange District.

an Exchange district building (45 kb)

One of the Exchange district's buildings. I was impressed with the bright, clean ivory looking walls. (45 kb)

the back side of a building (48 kb)

An interesting photo of the other side of things. (48 kb)

four more Exchange District buildings (47 kb)

A street in the Exchange
district. (47 kb)

the inside of an old building (48 kb)

A half demolished building makes an intersting photograph. (48 kb)

another Exchange district building (45 kb)

One more of the Exchange district's buildings (45 kb).


More from central Winnipeg (1999):

The Hudson Bay, art gallery, and Legislature.  (41 kb)

The Hudson Bay company building is on the left, the Art gallery on the right, and the Provincial Legislature building is straight ahead. (41 kb)

a statue of Queen Victoria
 in front of the Legislature (36 kb)

A statue of Queen Victoria in front of the Provincial Legislature building. (36 kb)

statue of Louis Riel (22 kb)

Behind the Legislature buildings is this statue of Louis Riel. (22 kb)

houses on the west side  (47 kb)

The west side of Winnipeg is full of well kept old houses like these.

cement back alleys (46 kb)

The best roads I found in Winnipeg were on the west side, in a few of the back alleys. (46 kb)

an old brick building  (63 kb)

An old brick building. It seemed that Winnipeg was full of interesting old buildings. (63 kb)



Other points of interest (1999):

a Leo Mol statue (65 kb)

In Assiniboine Park, an entire garden and gallery is dedicated to the works of Leo Mol. This is one of them. (65 kb)

a Leo Mol statue (39 kb)

Another interesting sculpture by Leo Mol, a Winnipeg artist. (39 kb)

a family sculpture, done by Leo Mol (46 kb)

A family sculpture by Leo Mol. This garden contains about 30 other outdoor works, and a gallery. (46 kb)

the remains of St. Boniface Cathedral (38 kb)

On the east side of Winnipeg, there are the remains of the St. Boniface Cathedral-Basilica, originally built in 1908. (38 kb)

a closer look at a wall of the Cathedral (58 kb)

A close look at one of the remaining walls. The Cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1968. (58 kb)

the inside of the Cathedral wall (46 kb)

This is the inside of the Cathedral wall. A wedding party is having their photographs taken here. (46 kb)

Upper Fort Garry remains (43 kb)

This is all that remains of Upper Fort Garry; located in downtown Winnipeg. (43 kb)

the Riel family house where Riel once stayed (43 kb)

The Riel family house where Riel once stayed is restored to how it was in 1886. It is located in St. Vital, in south-east Winnipeg. (43 kb)

collage about Louis Riel's life and times (41 kb)

Manitoba has an interesting history. This collage which depicts the life and times of Louis Riel was on one of the signs at the Riel house. (41 kb)

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