Vancouver Island Photographs

thumbnail photos and notes

View of the Pacific Oceon:

long beach  (49 kb)

Long Beach and the Pacific Ocean.
This is part of the Pacific Rim
National Park. (49 kb)

long beach  (64 kb)

View of Juan De Fuca Strait and
the United States from Beacon
Hill Park in Victoria. (64 kb)

The city of Victoria:

statue in Victoria (38 kb)

Statue in Victoria, next to the
Provincial Legislature. (38 kb)

furs in the attic  (39 kb)

Masks located in the impressive
provincial museum in
Victoria. (39 kb)

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First posted June 22, 2002.   Visitors since September 20, 2003 .
2002 Brian M. Brown All rights reserved.   All photographs are marked with almost invisible identifiers.