City of Saskatoon

thumbnail photos and notes

A look at the character of Saskatoon:

this hotel is a 
real landmark (53 kb)

This is Saskatoon's Delta Bessborough Hotel. (53 kb)

a path near the river (43 kb)

This path follows the river. The Delta Bessborough Hotel is in the distance. (43 kb)

noon hour in the park (46 kb)

At noon hour, the park near the river is busy. The river and bridge are in the distance on the right. (46 kb)


an older hotel. (61 kb)

An older hotel that looks attractive and well kept. (61 kb)

pig and other art (48 kb)

The flying pig is one of many that were decorated by local artists. The sculpture across the street is called "Visionaries." (48 kb)

a business centre (48 kb)

This is the Sturdy-Stone Centre, an impressive business complex. (48 kb)

Broadway Avenue. (42 kb)

The Broadway District is in south Saskatoon. (42 kb)

a broadway building. (63 kb)

Another building in the Broadway District. (63 kb)

a eating out on broadway. (58 kb)

Eating out on Broadway. (58 kb)

the historic Rumely building. (60 kb)

This is the historic Rumely building. There isn't a lot of really old buildings around, so there is a need to preserve whatever there is, even if it is a bit drab. A closer look proves that it isn't as ugly as you might first think. (60 kb)

inside the Civic Conservatory (49 kb)

This is inside the Civic Conservatory located at the Mendel Art Gallery. (49 kb)

group sculpture (54 kb)

A group sculpture called "Tribute to Youth." Art is supposed to have an impact on your emotions. This work makes me dizzy. (54 kb)

parents watch in the 
shade  (38 kb)

Parents relax as their children play in the sun. This is in Blackstrap Provincial Park, about 40 km from Saskatoon. (38 kb)

a boat and ski hill (41 kb)

This is a boat on the lake while the ski hill is in the distance. It looks small from here, but they advertise that you can ski above the tree line. (41 kb)

the ski hill (58 kb)

In July, this is what Blackstrap looks like. It is a man made ski hill. (58 kb)


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