City of Regina

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Regina, the capital city of Saskatchewan:

Wascana lake and the Provincial
 Legislative bldg in the distance. (46 kb)

They built Wascana Lake in the center of this city which now has about 200,000 people. In the distance stands the Provincial Legislative building. (46 kb)

the side of the Legislative bldg (68 kb)

A close look at the design on the side of the Provincial Legislative Building. (68 kb)

a tall Regina building (43 kb)

A major skyscraper next to Victoria park in central Regina. (43 kb)

path and bridge (68 kb)

This is part of Regina's pathway system that follows Wascana Creek from one side of Regina to the other. (68 kb)

city hall  (44 kb)

This is city hall. The photo looks surreal because the buildings in this part of the city are only two stories high. They therefore don't appear in the photograph. (44 kb)

Regina's downtown mall (48 kb)

The Scarth Street Mall in central Regina. (48 kb)

large head in a mall window (34 kb)

In a window overlooking the mall, a large head keeps an eye on things. (34 kb)

stage on mall (66 kb)

The stage is being prepared for a Thursday evening of entertainment on the mall. (66 kb)

RCMP museum in Regina (38 kb)

The RCMP do their training in Regina. At that center you can visit their museum, and if your timing is right, you can watch some marching and take a tour. (38 kb)

inside the museum (56 kb)

This is one of a variety of displays inside the Royal Saskatchewan museum. (56 kb)

museum in Regina (57 kb)

This statue by cubist Jacque Lipchitz depicts a child with a mother who has lost her legs. She is crying out against the realities of war. In the background is the large Mackenzie Art Gallery. (57 kb)


Regina Beach:

walking on Regina 
Beach (48 kb)

This is early morning at Regina Beach, looking east. The yacht club is on the right, in the background. (48 kb)

wharf at Regina 
Beach  (42 kb)

The wharf at Regina Beach. This small resort town is about 40 km from Regina. (42 kb)

Regina beach (47 kb)

Looking north at Regina beach, late in the day. (47 kb)

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