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On the Grounds:

the midway with coliseum in background (54 kb)

The midway with Rexall Place (the hockey coliseum) in the distance. (54 kb)

Klondike Mike (50 kb)

This is Klondike Mike at the entrance to Bonanza Park, a Klondike theme park. (50 kb)

panning for gold (56 kb)

Visitors panning for gold in Bonanza park. (56 kb)

Lisa Hewitt and the Hurtin Albertans  (66 kb)

This is Lisa Hewitt entertaining with old time country songs. She is backed up by a band called "THE HURTIN ALBERTANS." (66 kb)

watching the Gold Dust dancers (69 kb)

Some people relax and watch the Gold Dust dancers. This took place at the 790 CFCW Stage, one of six stages on the grounds which offer free entertainment throughout the day. (69 kb)

the Gold Dust dancers (60 kb)

This is a closer look at the Gold Dust dancers. (60 kb)

Telus Stage (69 kb)

On this cool afternoon, the performance on Telus Stage doesn't draw many people. But sometimes the seats, and the stands where I took this photo are packed. Part of the hockey coliseum is top right. (69 kb)

entrance to a large pavilion (60 kb)

There are a variety of exhibits, live entertainment, markets, eating places, etc. in this large pavilion. This year, the Phillipines is the feature country. (60 kb)

link to Chuckwagon
This link takes you to photographs of the chuckwagon races. They are held for only five evenings during Capital Ex.

The Chuckwagon races are an exciting and unique Western Canadian extreme sport. They are a special event that requires their own special Chuckwagon racing file.

horse racing  (66 kb)

For the other five evenings, horse racing is offered at Northlands Park, located next to the midway.


The Parade:

the Leduc float (48 kb)

The K-Days parade includes a float from the city of Leduc. (48 kb)

cameraman and float (48 kb)

The TV cameraman brings the float alive and gets a good shot. (48 kb)

a float of people who claim to have fun (49 kb)

This float has a sign that says "We are where the fun is at". (49 kb)

The float says
The World Needs 
Tollerance (46 kb)

This float carries serious people and a sign with a serious message. It says The World Needs Truth Compassion Tollerance. (46 kb)

The message on the float is ignored  (53 kb)

The guy with the guns and the guy on the camera ignore the sign. They have better things to do. (53 kb)

an odd looking band (52 kb)

This odd looking band draws a polite reaction from the crowd. (52 kb)

punjab cultural association had
a lively float in the parade (60 kb)

This is the Punjab Cultural Association enjoying themselves in the parade. It certainly was a lively float. (60 kb)

a close-up of the Punjab
 women on their float (65 kb)

A close look at the women on the float of the Punjab Cultural Association. (65 kb)


Sourdough Raft Race will be on Sunday, August 12, 2007:

getting everything ready for the start (40 kb)

Before the race begins, there are a lot of preparations. This participant is rather attached to his doll, with the help of a little duck tape. (40 kb)


raft race start (55 kb)

Starting the raft race is not an easy job. The rafts are heavy, so a lot of work has to be done to get them into the water. (55 kb)


rafts headed downstream (46 kb)

The rafts are finally off. The race can take 2 hours, although nobody is in a rush. (46 kb)

spraying people on the bridge (51 kb)

Some people watch the race from the LRT bridge. Some rafts attempt to spray them with water. (51 kb)

Edmonton Queen crew (55 kb)

The crew on top of the captain's cabin of the Edmonton Queen paddle boat challenge a raft to try and spray them. (55 kb)

crew gets soaked (49 kb)

The crew gets soaked with water. (49 kb)

finish area (85 kb)

This is the finish area. Food awaits those who finish. It is on the table at the bottom of the photograph. But most prefer to keep on fighting. (85 kb)

The rafts get lifted out of the river (54 kb)

The rafts get lifted out of the river and then hauled away on flat bed trucks. (54 kb)

finishing it all off (54 kb)

The cable from the crane is hooked up to another raft. Meanwhile those remaining on the river keep up the fight. (54 kb)

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