Kneehills Creek Valley



creek in west (33 kb)

This is the creek that is below the West Viewpoint.
Although the creek is low right now, if you want to cross it, you will find
it too wide for jumping.



I wondered around the corner and over a fence, and soon came to what appears to be a lake.
I could almost say it looks like Lake Louise.


almost a lake (44 kb)




view of ponds and West Viewpoint (50kb)

But, this is a view of that same lake from above, a lake of a different color.
Note the West Viewpoint in the centre top of the photo,
with the road which runs down the side of it.

This view reminds me of the beautiful hike above Lake Louise.
Unfortunately, you recognize it as a muddy pool of stagnant water.




road across the valley floor (31kb)


As it turns out, when you get into the valley, the East Viewpoint appears to be further away. But it is a pleasant walk. Instead of valley walls on each side, you get a bit of scenery. Although you might not find it overly attractive, the hiker would find it to be a nice change from hiking in a canyon.
Half way down, I had to jump over a fence.





fence blocks access to viewpoint (30 kb)

At this point, the road is blocked by another fence. I looked at the sign on this fence which faces in the other direction. It is a no trespassing sign. This is when I realized it was time to tiptoe back to my car. In this isolated valley, the cows were aware of every move I made. (In 2001, it was a very dry spring so poor grazing for cows. This resulted in less (or no) cows and a much cleaner creek.)




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Tour of the Entire Canyon

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Western Tour: from the West Canyon to the North Valley.




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