CROOOOOOOSH!   Chipper had found a safe place to land.   She had steered into a big bank of snow that was on top of a mountain.


"You did a good job," said Doomore as he helped Chipper get out.   "Hang on, you’re getting a ride home."






Doomore ran down the mountain and entered a jungle.

"Watch out for the snakes," shouted Chipper.

"Okay," said Doomore as he tried to avoid stepping on a snake.   He ran on his tiptoes and did some fancy footwork.   Chipper hung on tight.

Doomore hopped over the last two snakes and ran out of the jungle.







Now Doomore ran even faster.

      Plump plump plump plump plump plump plump.







docbldgb.jpg (12620 bytes)

Doomore ran into the big city.   It was too dangerous to run on the road, so he took a shortcut.





Doomore ran through a forest.

          Chipper yelled, "Turn left!"


Doomore turned and just missed a grizzly bear.

Chipper said, "Faster!"

Doomore said, "Faster!"





Doomore had been running for a long time.
He tried to keep running fast.

Plump;       Plump;       Plump;       Plump;       Plump.

"Oooooops!"  He made a mistake and walked through a lake.



He was getting very tired; but he kept going.







At last, they were home.   Doomore laid down.

He was exhausted . . . .

"Would you like some popcorn and juice?"

asked Doomore’s mother.

Chipper said, "Yes please."



Doomore didn’t listen.


dosleepb.jpg (13693 bytes)









The End.







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