Doomore, the Space Dinosaur




Doomore the                

Space Dinosaur




by Brian M. Brown







to Amy, Daniel, and Bobby.





Copyright©1988 by Brian M. Brown
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Doomore read his little book.   He could read fairly well for a diplodocus.   As he read quietly to himself, his friend, Chipper the canary, watched and waited.

Soon, Doomore finished reading and looked up.   He said, "Hey Chipper.   This book tells how people have gone to the moon, and they came back alive. . . .   That sounds like fun.   Let’s go to the moon."





"You can’t go to the moon, You’re too big; and the moon is too far," said Chipper.

Doomore didn’t listen.


Doomore told his mother,
"I’m going to the moon now."

She replied, "Don’t get into any trouble."






As Chipper flew up and landed on top

of Doomore’s head, she asked, "Can I come?" 


"You sure can," said Doomore.   "But you’ll have to put up with my noisy feet."   Chipper said that noisy feet were okay, so they were off to the Space Centre.

Plump, plump, plump, plump, plump, plump, plump.






















Doomore asked the manager of the Space Centre if they could go to the moon.   The manager replied, "You can not go to the moon.   You are TOO big; and the moon is TOO far."




Doomore thought for a moment.   Then, he said, "I am not too big.   You can put me on the outside of the spaceship.   It will be easy. . . .   If it is too far, we will bring a lunch so we can have a picnic."









Chipper opened the door at the top of the spaceship.   She got inside.   She was scared.   Soon, they would take off and go straight up.   She hoped that they would not crash into a cloud.




Doomore put their lunch inside with Chipper.   He said, "Hey, this is going to be fun."

"Do I have to go?" asked Chipper.



Doomore didn’t listen.







Doomore was put on the outside of the spaceship.   They clamped Doomore on with two huge clicking clamps.   The clicking clamps went CLICK CLAMP, CLICK CLAMP, as they clamped him on. *

The spaceship was aimed straight at the moon.   Now they were ready for the launch.



*The clicking clamps were called clicking clamps because of the clicking in their CLICK CLAMP, CLICK CLAMP clamping sound.




A calm and steady voice gave the countdown.   "T14 seconds and counting, 12, 11, 10, we’re go for main engine start."     There was a tremendous roar!   "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, and LIFTOFF!"

The spaceship started to rise.     It went up   -   straight up   -   faster and faster.     Doomore and Chipper were on their way to the moon.







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