"Ouch!"   Doomore landed on his nose.



It really hurt!






Chipper said, "See, only birds can fly.   You canít fly because

you have no wings and youíre too big."




Doomore didnít listen.

He did not stop to think.

He didnít even stop to feel his sore nose.

Doomore climbed to the top of a mountain.

He waved his legs in the air to get ready to fly.

Then, he jumped!

Doomore fell




"Forget about flying," shouted        

Chipper.   Get ready to swim."   †



Doomore landed in a lake.   The splash soaked everything.

Chipper was soaked.

All of the animals in the valley were soaked.





"That lake saved my life," said Doomore.   "WAS I EVER

LUCKY!   The bottom of the lake was safe too.   It didnít have

any big rocks, so I didnít bump my nose or bang my head."

"You donít know how to fly"

said Chipper, "but you sure

know how to make a

    Doomore agreed, "Yes, and that can be lots of fun."




Doomore climbed back up the mountain to jump again.





Doomore got ready to jump.   He said,

"I wish I had a diving board."




Chipper said:

"I wish you would give up

trying to fly!"


Doomore jumped.




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