by Brian M. Brown









Copyright © 1988 Brian M. Brown
revised 1997 and illustrated 1998 and 2001









to Robyn and Adam.









One day, a dinosaur woke up.   He had slept for a long

time in a cozy cave.   He looked outside and found that all

of his dinosaur friends were gone.   He was alone.            



This young diplodocus was called Doomore.   He went for

a walk and soon became friends with a bird named Chipper.

Chipper is a canary.

"Watch me fly," said Chipper.

"This is lots of fun. . . ."


"I can fly too," said Doomore.

But his new friend did not believe him.

"How can you fly?   You have no wings and you’re too big."





Doomore decided to show the bird how he could fly.

He stood on top of a rock.   He waved his legs in the air

to get ready to fly.   Then, he jumped.






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