on jet 3 kb

As the 747 flew through the air, Doomore put
his tail on the right wing. The wing dipped down
and the jet turned to the right.

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Doomore swung his tail onto the left wing.
The jet turned to the left.

"Wow! I can steer," shouted Doomore. "This is exciting."




Doomore headed the 747 for a mountain.
He swung his tail to the right, and the jet made a sharp
right turn around the peak.

jumping backwards 6 kb


Now Doomore headed the jet towards home.





The 747 began to go faster. Doomore started to slide to the back of the jet. The jet did a loop.

Doomore lost his grip.


He fell straight down, straight towards his
favorite lake.


The animals saw him
hit the lake.





A gigantic splash filled the sky.





All the animals enjoyed a wonderful cool shower.

"That feels good," said the cow.

"Superb," said the goat.

"Wonderful," said the horse.

"Good show," said the bear.

"Well done," said the moose.

"Oinkey doinkey," said the pig.

"Diddley doo," said the duck.

They all yelled, "Thank you. Thank you."
It was the best shower that they had ever had.





doomore looks up  5 kb

“I’m never going to fly again,” said Doomore as he climbed
out of the empty lake. “Flying is much too dangerous.”


But when it rained and the lake filled up, the animals asked
for more showers. Doomore agreed to help.




From then on, every Saturday morning, Doomore jumped off
his favorite mountain so all the animals could enjoy a shower.

doomore looks up  8 kb

Doomore still had fun, but now, he was much more careful.




. . . And one day, Doomore took Chipper on a long hike to the airport. Doomore had decided that something should be returned.








The End.









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