The animals from the valley stopped and looked at
Doomoreís tail. They could not decide what to do with it.
animals behind Doomore 15 kb
Just then, a squirrel ran over to the tail. He was still angry.
He gave it a scratch.





Doomore jumped and yelled. "YOWWEEE!" He was wearing a barn. But, that didnít matter. He was scared.



Doomore running 4 kb
He ran away at top speed.

Plump plump plump plump plump.





The horse told the animals from the valley, "Donít be upset. You should all enjoy a shower. We would sure like to have a shower. This filthy barnyard makes us dirty."

animals talk 18kb

"Yes, and it makes us smell too," said the pig.

"Iím hot! Running made me hot," said the bear. "Iím not angry anymore. Iím just hot. I need a shower."

"I could use another shower too," said the deer.
"Letís go and get Doomore to give us a shower,"
said Chipper.               They all ran after Doomore.






Doomore runs through fence 7 kb

Meanwhile, Doomore trampled down a fence. He couldnít see where he was going because his head was stuck in the loft. He kept running.







As the animals from the farm and valley came running along, they shouted to some cows and horses, ďCome with us. Weíre going to get a super cool shower. Itíll be fun!Ē


All the cows and horses ran through the broken down fence and joined the other animals. They ALL ran after Doomore.






Doomore in small lake 6 kb

Doomore ran through a small lake. All the water went flying, so all that was left was mud. It was now a lake of mud.






animals in mud 9 kb

All the animals came running along. They ran right into
the lake of mud.

They slipped and slided, and then slopped around
as they tried to get out.





The horse said, "Look what Doomore did to us."

The cow said, "This is all Doomore's fault."

The fox said, "Doomore tricked us."

The turkey said, "Doomore made us get muddy."

The moose said, "Doomore did this."

All the unhappy animals started to go back home.






Doomore kept running.


Doomore running 4 kb

Plump, plump, plump, plump, plump.





stepping onto building 8 kb

He still couldnít see. He stepped up on something. He stepped up again.

Doomore had climbed on top of an airport terminal.






falling on a jet 15 kb

As he crossed the roof, the barn
got caught on the control tower. Doomore tripped and slipped.

He landed on a jumbo 747 jet.






The 747 raced down the runway and rose up into the sky.

As Doomore struggled to stay on top of the jet,
he said, "Thank Goodness."
"Thank Goodness I got rid of that smelly barn."





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