A Video at Youtube.com on the development of Drumheller:

mining mining mining mining mining

Take a guided tour beginning with photographs of Drumheller as a coal mining town and ending with Drumheller as a major thriving tourist center.


impressions of:   The Dinosaur Valley  

Notes and photographs of Drumheller tourist attractions.

Drumheller, "the dinosaur capital of Canada" is a tourist center which can be
reached after a 1 1/4 hour drive north-east of Calgary, Alberta.

Also, visit a QUALITY thumbhail photo gallery of Drumheller
tourist attractions.


Badland Trails:

Near Drumheller is the world class Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, and next to the museum is a walking trail.

Below is a photo of a very popular Saturday afternoon guided tour which follows that trail through the badlands.

the 1:30 guided tour -  this links to more photos of the walking trail - 133 Kb

To photos and information on the walking trail
(7 photos for 133 kb).


A Record of

we hiked to this, at the top of the valley wall -  this link includes a few more small photos

This is a 1955 record
(with a few 1997 photos for 81 kb) which describes a hike we took when we were 14 and 11 years old.


Links to other Drumheller sites:

Link to Horseshoe Canyon:
to a photo tour of the area (55 kb).
links to a larger map, 
a description, and links
 for photos of Horseshoe Canyon    


Link to information on Drumheller at the town of Drumheller site.

Near Drumheller is the Royal Tyrrell Museum where you can learn and experience things about dinosaurs. Vist them at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology.







T5-Rex gif 21 kb

The Dinosaur Capital of Canada is now home to

A New













[October 26, 1999]

While driving through the valley, I noticed new mini-dinosaurs that seemed to be everywhere.

[June 12, 2000]

I took some photos of the T-Rex frame which has doubled in size. A few body parts were laying on the ground.

[August 20, 2000]

After seeing the new GIANT T-REX on national television, I ran out, took a series of photos, and then posted them here.

[May 14, 2001]

new T Rex and water park being built for children 5 kb)

The T-Rex overlooks a new dinosaur spray park (water playground) for children. Water was added for the summer.



Photo Gallery:

the busy fountain  - this link will give you more photos of tourist attractions in the valley (147 kb).

Photos of valley tourist attractions
(10 photos for 147 kb).



a badland hill - this link gives you four more photos of the valley badlands (110 kb).

Photos of the badlands
(4 photos for 110 Kb).
The photos include the hoodoos and a few other formations.


Strange Dinosaurs:

this links to more of the strange little dinosaurs in the valley (57 kb).

Some photos of the fifteen to twenty strange looking dinosaur replicas that are located here, there, and everywhere (7 photos for 57 kb).


The Off Season:

We enjoyed the valley much more when we were there on September 7th, because it wasn't as hot or as busy as it is in the summer.

On a cool September day the weather seemed perfect. The badlands reflected the heat of the sun, and we were down in the valley, shielded from the cool wind.


The Giant T-Rex

[Don't believe the itch story below.] - to photos which show how the T-Rex was built (93 kb)

The new T-Rex didn't have any arms in July of 2000, so someone had to be hoisted up to scratch him when he got an itch. As you see, he really enjoys it.

Here are photos of the building of
(7 photos for 93 kb).
The file includes two photos of it when it was almost completed.




We finish off this page with a few little historical photos,
reminders of how the Dinosaur Valley used to be.

Peoples Bakery van - 48 kb

The People's Bakery van (48 kb)
[Glenbow Archives   NA2389-31]

this Glenbow photo was labeled as Rosedale - 57 kb

Rosedale in 1912. (57 kb)
[Glenbow Archives   NA2389-69]

You might also want to view an early photo of Sam Drumheller
in his Cadilac! The labeling on the Glenbow photograph said,
"Early Cadillac driven by Sam Drumheller down the Red Deer river on
the ice from Red Deer."   His photo can be found at the bottom of the
Drumheller thumbnail photo gallery.


For two easy to read action Dinosaur stories for children,
try the Doomore and Chipper Stories.


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