Drumheller valley attractions (1999).

Drumheller Valley Attractions


Here are some photographs of tourist attractions in the valley.


hoodoos (16 kb)

Paths and stairs have been built to allow tourists
to walk among the hoodos.




small T-Rex by the fountain (20 kb)

This is the small Tyrannosaurus Rex statue by the old fountain.
The Drumheller arena is on the left.

During the summer, the valley is usually hot, so this fountain is very busy. But this is a fall day in the off season, so although the weather is perfect, the place looks deserted.

The giant T-Rex has been built on the left side of the above 1999 photo, and to the left of that is a new spray park which you can see below.



a water playground called spray park


This is the new water playground, a place to stay cool on a hot day.





swinging bridge  (35 kb)

This swinging bridge crosses the Red Deer river.  Until the 1950's, Drumheller was a coal mining centre.  At one time, 32 mines were operating in the valley.  This bridge is similar to the one which miners used to walk across on their way to work in a mine.




mine museum (11 kb)


This is part of the East Coulee mine museum. It also includes indoor displays,
a tour, and hiking trails which take you to the top of the hill.




badland golf course (9 kb)


The back nine holes of the Drumheller golf course are located in the badlands.
Most golfers use golf carts which help them climb the hills. Just above the green area on the right side of this photo are two golf carts. When they have finished this hole, they can take the carts over the hill on the path which shows up in this photo as a whitish streak that angles up towards the left.


golf and museum   (11 kb)


In the background of this photo is the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology. The playing area of the golf course is on the flat area: bottom right and middle right.




ski hill  (13 kb)


This is the view of west Drumheller from the top of the ski hill.
The lodge is at the bottom, near the center of the photo, and to the right of that,
on the right side of the photo is the stage for the annual Passion Play.



little church (8 kb)


This is one of the first tourist attractions that was built in the valley.
It is a little church which was built in the 1950's.  It was advertised as seating
1,000 people, six at a time.




path in town, by the river  (18 kb)

This is the path that runs through Drumheller.  If you look closely, you will see cracks in the pavement.  They are similar to the cracks in the pavement which can be found in New York city.

When we traveled across the continent back in 1978, the worst roads I drove over were the ones right within New York city.  I thought they added character to the city, so I was impressed.  Maybe these cracks will also serve to impress you, and help to convince you to visit the Drumheller area.



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1999 Brian M. Brown All rights reserved.   All photographs are marked with almost invisible identifiers.