The building of the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex.


April 22, 2000 photos.


The two photos below show part of the steel framework.


the T-Rex framework from the front (5 kb)

The T-Rex frame from the front.

dino-bak.jpg (6 kb)

The T-Rex from the back.




July Photos


the T-Rex is still in pieces  5 kb


It appears that the T-Rex just took his feet off so he could lay down to rest.




the T-Rex in the distance  (29 kb)


It is being built in three parts. The feet appear to be almost complete, the body
is mostly done, and the head only has the steel framework.





the side of the T-Rex with mouth  (16 kb)


This is the other side of the T-Rex. The frame on the top left will
become its head. You can see the platform and railing where
people can stand and look out the mouth.




August 20, 2000 Photos


T-Rex from a distance - 16 kb

From a hill on the north side of the Red Deer river you can see the T-Rex,
and to the right is the fountain. Below the fountain, in the centre of the photo is the light blue swimming pool building, and on the right is the bridge.



T-Rex is almost complete  (16 kb)

The outside of the T-Rex is almost complete.
Workers are still working on its belly and legs. They still need to
do more painting and they need to add two arms and the remainder of its tail.



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