Strange Dinosaur Replicas (1999)


Currently there are at least 15 small dinosaur replicas on the streets
of Drumheller. Some photos of them appear below.


dino seat.jpg 13 kb

This is one of Drumheller's new user friendly dinosaurs.






dino sits.jpg - 7 kb

This dinosaur guards the corner.


dino in window.jpg  -  6 kb

- and he does window shopping at the same time.
He is very talented.





two dinos - 3 kb


Two small dinosaurs.





another dino (11 Kb)


I took a photo of this dinosaur as he moved by, in slow motion.
In fact, he was moving so slow that I am not even sure
if I saw him move.






T-Rex from a distance - 9 kb


This could be a T-Rex, but it looks a little fat, so I'm not sure.





a spotted dino at night  time (8 Kb)


This is the strangest of all the dinosuars. He looks like he glows in the dark and barks like a dog.

But I still think that having these dinosaurs in and around Drumheller are a great idea. They certainly do add atmosphere to the town.



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1999 Brian M. Brown All rights reserved.   All photographs are marked with almost invisible identifiers.