The patterns that occur in nature fascinate me. Although the foreground in the photo below clutters up the picture, the patterns in it were too impressive for me to leave out.


hoodoos and badlands  36 kb

These are the hoodos, about 15 km south-east of Drumheller.


a ledge  25 kb


This ledge was located at the end of a small badland coulee.



The hill below is located immediately south of Drumheller on a dirt road. We named it Volcano hill when we were young.

DVolcnoH.jpg 23 kb

This is a typical badland hill which is made of whitish sandstone, and grey to brown siltstones and mudstones. The sun reflects from these hills and this makes the valley hotter than the prairie above. When it rains, the hill becomes soggy and extremely slippery. Sagebrush is in the foreground.

Dbadldcu.jpg 26 kb


This is a close up ofsagebrush, sandstone, and an almost square shaped stone. The stone has almost developed into a small hoodoo-like formation.



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