Calgary Attractions

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Views of the City Core:

city core from east - 41 kb
View of the city core from the east side. The Deerfoot Trail is in the foreground and the Bow River is on the left. (41 kb)
Saddledome and Calgary core - 30 kb
Photo of the Pengrowth Saddledome, with the city core in the background. (30 kb)
the city core from Nose Hill - 35 kb
The downtown core from the north side. This is part of Nose Hill Park, a large chunk of prairie grass with a view. (35 kb)


The Character of the City Core:

old and new city halls - 58 Kb
The old city hall which was built about 1909 (on the left), the new city hall, and Olympic Plaza (with an ice rink) in the foreground. (58 kb)

Alberta Hotel building - 72 Kb
This used to be the Alberta Hotel. Stephan Avenue mall is full of restored sandstone buildings like this one. (72 kb)

the Burns Building - 62 Kb
This is the Burns Building. In 1980 there was a campaign to save this moderately old run down building. (62 kb)

horse art - 43 Kb
Since this city is home of the Stampede, and is sometimes called a cow town, don't be surprised to find that the horse is chosen to be the subject of a sculpture. (43 kb)

playing chess by a park - 48 Kb
This sculpture is right outside of Centurian Park. (48 kb)

famous five  - 67 Kb
This sculputure of the "Famous Five" is a reminder that Women had to fight in order to be recognized as persons. (67 kb)

pond and city core  - 66 Kb
The pond at Prince's Island reflects the city core on this quiet evening. (66 kb)

bike path just north of core - 66 Kb
Just north of the city core is a wide bike path and walkway which is very busy at noon hour. (66 kb)


a street in the core - 64 Kb
This busy dead end street is also known as Barkley Mall. (64 kb)


pond at Prince's Island  - 66 Kb
The pond at Prince's Island from the west side. A good quiet place where you can sit on a rock. (66 kb)

bike path just north of core - 72 Kb
There are paths and a cafe on Prince's Island. (72 kb)

a street in the core - 64 Kb
This stage was specially built to direct the music away from nearby homes. Instead, the music is directed at the zoo. If the zoo was just a little closer, the animals would love it. (64 kb)


Things to See and Do in Calgary:

Heritage Park - 33 Kb
Heritage Park is located next to the Glenmore Reservoir. (33 kb)
stairs in woods - 41 Kb
Stairs on the Douglas Fir Trail, located just one mile west of the city core. (41 kb)
the Elbow River and Fort Calgary on left - 37 kb
Next to the city core is Fort Calgary. It is seen here on the far side of the Elbow River. (37 kb).
path to Glenmore Trail  - 36 kb
This path goes down the hill and under Glenmore Trail in south-east Calgary. (36 kb)

2 inline skate - 40 Kb
Further south, inline skaters cross a pedestrian bridge and head towards Fish Creek Park and Lake Sikome. (40 kb)

Lake Sikome - 37 kb
This is Lake Sikome, a small artificial public lake. Calgary is not lake country, although some communities have their own private lakes. (37 kb)

view of mountains and ski jump - 37 kb
On the left is the ski jump at Canada Olympic Park, the mountains are on the right, and part of north-west Calgary is below. (37 kb)

photo of bench during evening skate - 26 kb
An evening skate at Bowness Park on the west side of Calgary. Skaters rest on a bench next to a fire place. (26 kb)

skating and a sleding hill  - 32 kb
Skating at Prairie Winds Park in north-east Calgary. The sleding hill is in the background. (32 kb)



Natural Trees and Unnatural Trees:

real trees - 34 kb
Real trees found in Edworthy Park in west Calgary. (34 kb)
iron trees in mall - 64 kb
Real cool steel trees found in the west end of Stephen Avenue mall. (64 kb)



This controversial bridge cost Calgary $26 million dollars:

the 2012 Peace
 bridge  - 326 Kb
The new Calgary Peace bridge was opened in April of 2012. (326 kb)

looking down the
 bridge.  Yes this 
is a real photograph - 322 Kb
Looking into the Peace bridge. (322 kb)

the view from 
the bridge - 308 Kb
View from the Peace bridge. (308 kb)



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