view of Frenchman Butte battle site


View of Frenchman Butte Battle Site



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This is the view the Cree had from their rifle pits. The canon and many of the soldiers stayed on the far side of this valley and fired from a distance. The green arrow indicates the location they fired from. While a few of the soldiers tried unsuccessfully to cross the bottom, others circled far to the right. On the right, they ran into thick bush. The bush would prevent the passage of horses and wagons, so they decided it was not a good route to advance on.

This site had been carefully chosen by Wondering Spirit. The soldiers found it difficult to advance through the swamp and they found that as they lay in the valley, they were in plain view of the Indians above. Three soldiers were wounded. The Cree were in their rifle pits, well hidden from the fire of the soldiers.

But the cannon did find it's range from the far side and was able to hit the rifle pits. After two hits the Cree left their pits. Three warriors had been wounded and one died. Meanwhile, General Strange had decided it would be very difficult to advance, so he ordered his soldiers to stop fighting and to await supplies and reinforcements. At the same time, the Cree had started heading north. Overall, the engagement lasted about three hours.



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