Fort Battleford


Fort Battleford



Fort at Fort Battleford  -  13 kb


View of the front of the fort.





supply tents inside fort   -  13 kb


These are supply tents, located inside the fort.

Fort Battleford also has a fairly large and interesting museum which I saw the previous time I was here. Unfortunately, I was in a rush during this visit, so I did not go on their guided tour and did not get any photos of the museum.





view of the town from Fort  -  16 kb


This photo was taken next to the fort. At the time, the town of Battleford was on the side of the treed hill in the distance. A large white government house can be seen on the left at the top of the hill.

When the town of Battleford was looted, the white people who were packed into the fort watched anxiously from here. They were able to see some fires which were set in the town.



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