Poundmaker Historical Centre and Big Bear monument


Poundmaker Historical Centre and Big Bear's monument



Poundmaker info and Historical Center in distance  -  43 kb


Poundmaker info with the Historical Center in distance





inside Poundmaker Historical Center -  11 kb


A few of the displays inside
Poundmaker Historical Center.

The White museums are in the process of returning artifacts to the people
they belong to, so this museum is expecting to add a lot more
displays in the near future. (photo taken in 2000)





Big Bear's monument   -  12 kb


Big Bear's monument which is located on the Poundmaker Reserve.



The Poundmaker Reserve and Cut Knife Hill historical area has a lot of tourist potential. If you have been interested in what happened, you will find it worthwhile seeing this site in person. Although it is a little out of the way and off the main road, the trip here over gravel road is definitely worth it.



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