Cut Knife Hill from near top


Cut Knife Hill From Near Top


view looking at top of Cutknife Hill - 14 kb

This view of the top of Cut Knife Hill from near the top is a reminder of how big the hill is. The objects in the distance are Poundmaker's sign on the top left and his monument on the right. The thing on the far right is an outdoor bathroom facilitie. It was not available for use back in 1885 while they were fighting the battle. They had to "rough it" back then.



roughly the area where soldiers kept their horses and wagons - 22 kb

The left side of this photo is roughly the area where the soldiers kept their horses and wagons during the fighting. When I was on the hill it was hard to tell exactly where I was and I didn't have the time to explore things. This photo looks north from 3/4 way up the hill.




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